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Event Benefits:

Demo table to showcase your company in the Exhibition Hall for 2 days including power, Wi-Fi, and signage.
2 full access tickets + 'startup' badge.
Mainstage pitch opportunity.
On-site branding + logo on our website.
Invaluable Social media coverage.
Access to investor, partner, and mentor network.
Exclusive space for your company/logo promotion in conference banner and conference kit.
Dedicated pages for STARTUPS in conference book.
Well-designed graphic flyers for startup promotion.
Access to all stage content.
Access to intimate roundtable discussions hosted by a wide array of industry experts, advisors, and growth hackers.
Access to Exhibition Hall.
Access to After Party and late night networking events, if available.
Access to full attendee list & ability to contact attendees via special channels.
Nomination for "Diamond Sprout Startup of the Year" Award.
Fast-track access into "Growth" Exhibition at next event.

Yearlong Benefits:

Gain prestige and recognition from peers
Network with fellow entrepreneurs
Raise your National & International profile
Boost existing client comfort and loyalty
Demonstrate workplace attractiveness to potential employees
Improving the confidence in investors and customers 
Potentially paving the way for future funding and sales
Constructive feedback from seasoned business leaders from the judging panel
Raising the profile of your company’s and its product
Increase your business growth