What is the duration of conference VISA?

What are the necessary documents I need to submit for my VISA interview?

Can you send new LoI to my friend if I transferred my registration to him/her?

Can I reapply for VISA, if my previous VISA application rejected?

Can I use my previous LoI for my VISA interview, if I transferred my registration to another conference?

Is it mandatory to get the VISA for the children?

Can I attend the conference along with my family?

Will you send direct recommendation letter to the embassy for getting the VISA?

Which VISA type I should select?

Can get I get a formal Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and Letter of Invitation (LoI) to participate in the conference?


Can I display items outside my booth area?

Can I stick posters at the exhibition booth?

Can I distribute my own company brochure to the participants?

Can I decorate my exhibition booth?

Will you give the participant certificate to the exhibitors?

How many members can attend the conference on behalf of company with single exhibitor registration?

Can I give presentation about my company in the conference hall?


Can you sponsor my trip?

Can you waive off my registration fee?

Is there any discount for speaker from developing countries?


What meals will be served at the conference?


Will there be a shuttle/pickup service from the airport to the hotel?

Do you provide me a free accommodation?

Where will I stay during the conference?

When should I arrive at the conference venue?

What is wire transfer/bank transfer?

How can I pay with Invoice?

How can I trust you to share my card details?

I’m a PhD student. Can I get a student discount?

I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I pay?

Can I attend one day of the conference, is that possible?

I think your organization is charging more for exhibition/sponsorship?

How do I confirm that I'm successfully registered?

What is the On-Site Registration Fee?

What is your registration policy for track/session chairs?

What is your registration policy for authors/presenters that have a paper or panel accepted for the conference?

How can I pay my registration fee?

Is there any special discount for group registration?

Do I have to register in advance or can I register on spot?

I registered on-line; how do I get a receipt and payment confirmation?

How much does it cost for registration?

Up to what extent your event is useful for delegates?

When will the conference final program available on website?

Can you send me the Letter of Invitation (LoI) or Letter of Acceptance (LoA)?

What if there are changes to the program schedule?

When do I receive my conference kit?

What should I do if I am delayed on the day?

When can I go through my presentation?

Are there any recommendations for PowerPoint presentation?

What are the delegates’ responsibilities?

Is your organization pay for my travel?



Can I pay with a credit card?

How can I register? What are the registration prices?

Why should I pay, if you invited me to speak?

What is the dead line for abstract submission?

What information do I need to submit along with my abstract?

Can I submit my abstract in any language?

What are the Terms & Conditions for abstract submission?

How can I submit my Abstract?

Is there any honorarium for OCM members?

What is the role of OCMs/Chair?

What are the modes of presentation?

Can you guide me how to attend the conference to present my work?

Venue & Accommodation